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If You Haven’t Already, It’s Time to Thoroughly Document Your Business IT

By |February 23rd, 2021|PNN IT News|

A business’ technology is by all measures a part of its inventory, and as such, it needs to be tracked. Let’s consider why in more detail, and how to do so properly. Here’s the thing: technology maintenance takes much more than occasionally scanning for a virus or updating a firewall. To truly get the most value out of your IT, you need to have a deeper insight into the role [...]

Securing Utilities Has to Be a Priority

By |February 22nd, 2021|Security Blog Posts|

It’s been reported that a hacker virtually broke into a Floridian water treatment facility and briefly increased the levels of sodium hydroxide in the Pinellas County water supply. Fortunately, onsite operators noticed the spike and reduced it right away, keeping the public from risk of increased levels of poison in their water. This is just the latest story in a seemingly never-ending supply of them that have to do with [...]

Tip of the Week: The Guide to Optimal Password Efficacy

By |February 18th, 2021|Tip of the Week|

Your business’ security largely depends on how secure the passwords are that keep your resources from being accessed without authorization. Despite this, many users—perhaps even you—frequently sacrifice sufficient security measures in favor of the simple and convenient route, cutting corners when coming up with their passwords. Let’s try and remedy this by reviewing a few practices that can help make a password more effective. What Threats are There to Passwords? [...]

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