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Point North Networks Private Hosted Cloud Has the Technology You Need to Stay Compliant

Our Minneapolis, Eagan, and Kansas City data centers hosting our Private Cloud services are built and certified to simplify the process of securing your hosted infrastructure and applications.

Our Private Cloud Hosting Services are built with controls for physical, network, and application security. Continuous vulnerability monitoring & scanning, dedicated security engineering team, and proven compliance levels expertise allow Point North to take ownership of up to 80% of compliance controls.

Solutions For Hosted Compliance

Our Private Cloud Hosting services from our Minneapolis & Eagan facilities support a wide array of organizations, from healthcare, financial services companies, merchants and SaaS providers, helping them all to ensure their infrastructure, websites and applications meet the compliance requirements of FedRAMP, FISMA, SSAE18, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS.

Solutions For Hosted Compliance
Fully Managed

Fully Managed

Our Private Cloud Hosting and infrastructure platforms are backed up by a dedicated staff of security engineers and a CISO to reduce the burden on your IT staff.

Fully Monitored

Our monitoring systems give visibility into your hosted infrastructure and the reporting needed to certify your systems are compliant.

Fully Monitored
Fully Compliant

Fully Compliant

Best practice frameworks for physical/network/system access, security and monitoring deliver up to 80% of all mandated compliance controls.

  • PCI-DSS – Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards or PCI-DSS sets the worldwide information security standards for credit card transactions to help control and minimize points of risk to fraud or compromise of sensitive information. PCI Compliance is an adherence to these rigorous standards in the way your business conducts and handles the information. Point North Private Cloud provides the critical infrastructure which complies to a RoC (Report on Compliance. The RoC ensures we meet or exceed all of the audit controls. For this reason, companies and merchants can turn to Point North to conduct their credit card business within our secure Private Cloud.
  • FedRAMP / FISMA Hosting – The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) is a government-wide program that provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services. Point North Private Cloud Hosting facilities support business systems governed by FedRAMP or FISMA requirements. Our Cloud Hosting services are backed by a 24/7 SOC and NOC, SIEM Monitoring, and strict security controls.


  • NIST-800-171 / CMMC Level 3 Compliant – Point North has built custom hosting solutions designed to host CUI in a secure method to meet DFARS compliance rules. We have the necessary compliance and security protocols are in place for all customers by using the standards set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Our NIST-800-171 certification allows us to support organizations in search of a data center partner who can securely host federal, state and local government information systems using a repeatable, secure methodology.

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Common questions about remote compliance services

Why is compliance important for a company?

Staying compliant with the law is not only a requirement but also a necessity for organizations for staying away from fines, penalties, work stoppages, lawsuits, and business closure. Getting entangled in a dirty legal battle is the last thing you want for your business.

Why are Remote Compliance Services important?

Today, several businesses are going remote and staying compliant in such a work environment can be really challenging. This is where Remote Compliant Services come into the picture. These services enable businesses to take care of the legalities and ensure that their business systems, applications, data and information remains safe.

What are the benefits of Remote Compliance Services?

These services provide a host of benefits including avoiding hefty fines, driving strategic business growth, controlling and improving oversights, enhancing workflow management, outsourcing compliance services to help save cost, and meeting industry standards. Outsourcing these services will also save you a lot of time.

How can Point North help with Remote Compliance?

We have built a comprehensive network that provides physical, network and application security. Continuous vulnerability monitoring & scanning, a dedicated security engineering team, and proven compliance levels expertise enable us to provide 80% compliance control. Additionally, we provide, fully managed, fully monitored and fully compliant services.

Why choose Point North when looking for Remote Compliance services?

Being compliant helps businesses remain safe and legitimate. However, you need a professional partner to help you fulfil all your requirements, or else you will end up spending a lot of time and effort doing it yourself. Point North is that perfect partner as we bring robust security, advanced technology, maximum ROI and unmatched expertise to the table.

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