3 Things to Know About Hosted Desktop Solutions

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We’ve seen a lot of technology leaders appear hesitant to hosted desktop solutions because they want to keep their team close and committed to their workspace. But we’ve also seen that when workers are given the freedom to take their work elsewhere, productivity often increases. Hosted desktop solutions, also known as Desktop as a Service, or Daas, is essentially a cloud-based service designed to enable the functioning of a desktop environment on a virtual machine hosted in a local, private data center. Point North Networks provides this to a number of local businesses and these are the top things we like our customers to know about this solution:

They can reduce your cost

Many assume that implementing a hosted desktop solution is an extra expense, but the investment can save your business in the long run. When your workspace goes remote, you’re eliminating the need to spend thousands of dollars on high-end desktops and laptops. We just charge a low monthly fee for the computation.

You’re extra protected

Putting your data in someone else’s hands can be scary but security is our top priority, especially these days. Point North Networks’ hosted desktop environments are backed up several times daily to off-site encrypted storage with 90 days of retention. Customers can restore lost or deleted files within minutes. Additionally, our environments are built with controls for physical, network, and application security such as multi-factor authentication and a dedicated security engineering team.

Your team will thank you

A hosted desktop service allows your employees access from anywhere: home, office, coffee shop, etc. The whole Microsoft Office Full Suite is installed so they can still use Word, Excel, and all their favorite products they’ve grown accustomed to. Life has its demands and when an employee isn’t tied to their physical workspace in order to complete their job, they have a lot less to stress about. On top of that, the access is truly hassle-free.

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