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Struggling with inefficient IT solutions for your architectural firm?

Slow graphics rendering.

Slow graphics rendering can decrease your firm’s productivity. What would faster, more efficient rendering mean for your business?

Insufficient disk speed for large file manipulations.

The art of designing comes with large files and puts pressure on system resources if the right ones aren’t installed. Don’t let insufficient disk speed slow you down.

Lack of experienced IT professional help for solving technical challenges.

Only an IT expert with architecture experience can solve your unique needs. Trust the experts.

Implementing fast and efficient architectural IT solutions.

Optimizing GPU graphics rendering.

Efficient graphics performance is critical to your productivity. Let us help to optimize your system.

Implementing fast and scalable solutions.

We implement IT solutions that are designed to grow as your business grows.

Help and support with AutoCAD, MasterCAM, Revit, and CAD programs.

We are experienced in providing support for the most commonly-used architectural software and programs.

We provide the IT expertise your business deserves.

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Minnesota’s Expert in IT Solutions

Minnesota’s Expert in IT Solutions For Architecture Companies

Point North Networks, Inc. is a true IT partner for architects and engineers, leveraging today’s most demanding technologies and optimizing them for your use. We deliver professional technology solutions and support that allow today’s architects and engineers to build the infrastructure we all rely on. Architecture, engineering, and design firms are ever-evolving and this results in complex processes that cause them to use various software including modeling programs, design software, and file-sharing applications. Without these, firms will experience a lower standard of work and productivity, as well as a lower quality of design. Firms have to keep up with the latest technological advances and keep their networks secure.

Architecture IT Support Services in Minnesota

Point North Networks, Inc. can provide your architecture and engineering firm with efficient, high-performance IT infrastructure. We offer support for the most advanced designing programs and software, as well as GPU & vGPU computing solutions, cloud-hosted engineering desktops, and helpdesk services. Let us help to position your firm as the most secure and advanced architecture firm in the industry.

Point North – Minnesota’s Most Trusted Company

As Minnesota’s most trusted IT support company, we have partnered with some of the biggest architecture firms and delivered scalable solutions for them all. Our tools and technology have helped businesses across the US to achieve their technical vision. As a leading services company, we ensure that architects and engineering firms get what they want.

Let us help to position your firm as the most secure and advanced architecture firm in the industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Architecture IT Solutions

What Challenges do Architecture Firms Face Without IT Support Services

Today’s businesses need robust technology solutions to ensure that their services match industry standards. Issues architecture firms often face without an IT support system include inefficient IT solutions for your architectural firm, slow graphics rendering, Insufficient disk speed for large file manipulations and lack of experienced IT professionals help for solving technical challenges.

Why architecture firms needs IT support services?

Today, no business is out of the technological boundaries. We operate in a digital world where businesses are increasingly in need of strong technologies and IT systems. This allows them to manage their services, scale them as needed, have Cloud support to enable anywhere, anytime operations and keep their important data safe and secure.

The same is true for architectural firms who need robust IT support services for a robust solution architecture so that their client data is secured while having enough Cloud support to scale their storage and accessibility.

Point North is one such IT support service provider that delivers unparalleled support for your software and programs, documents and data, network support and security, disaster recovery, IT consulting, ransomware management, cloud solutions and a lot more.

Is implementing fast and efficient architectural IT solutions needed for architects?

Speed is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity that enables architecture firms to design and deliver a specific solution within the stipulated period of time. Managed IT solutions for architect enable brands to fulfil this requirement and complete the tasks without any delay.

Their services ensure that we are always on time while maintaining the highest standards of design and deliverance.

How an IT company help Streamline Your IT Processes and Workflows?

Your IT service partner assesses all your technical vision regarding enterprise architecture, architectural description, technology architecture, business problems, other information technology processes and other business objectives to ensure that your business continues to scale new heights.

They help you create an effective solution architecture that not only fits your needs today but also provides solid support for future services.

They will continue working and providing security services even when you are not working by monitoring your systems and ensuring that there is no data theft or cyber threat.

Their robust enterprise architecture viewpoints, and proactive approach helps you stay ahead of your tasks. They also provide in-advance cyber threat detection and thwart it on time.

Additionally, they also educate and train the employees about prevailing phishing scams, making them more aware of the threats and literate enough to not fall prey to any such scams.

How implementation of fast and scalable storage solutions help architects?

As your business grows, so will your IT requirements and solution architecture. Managed IT solutions help companies achieve their goals with utmost ease. Their expert team of IT professionals understands the nitty-gritty of architecture firms well, allowing them to deliver solutions that perfectly fit your needs. They help architecture firms with moving their in-house IT ecosystem to Cloud so that storage, security and accessibility are never an issue. They also facilitate increased work stations, and WFH options, and increase the efficiency of their systems as your business grows.

Why should I implement fast and scalable solutions?

Growth is a constant for most businesses and managed IT solutions help them be prepared for further business growth. This enables them to be future ready and handle big projects with absolute ease. Such services help them create an advanced technology environment so that all their business architecture gets vital support.

Their technical solutions are quick and easy to implement, scalable and futuristic. With their technical vision, they help architecture firms find the right path to success.

Are Cloud-Hosted Engineering Desktops needed for Architecture firms?

The way businesses operate has undergone a transformational shift over the years. Today, businesses need accessibility from anywhere, at any time. Be it team interactions through remote working, accessing important information and getting the work done from remote locations or working across geographical boundaries and time zones, modern solution architecture requires any time accessibility.

And Cloud hosted desktops can provide that. Managed IT solutions help you plan, migrate and manage all your cloud services so that you can concentrate on scaling your architecture business at all times.

Their cloud hosting services enable workflow automation, adherence to compliance standards, enhanced features of security, regular upgradation, scalable solutions and business continuity.

Why Point North is a reliable IT Services for Architecture Firm

Point North’s dedicated and managed IT services that allow architects to solve the specific business problem. Our expertise, technical know-how, skills, and hands on experience create scalable solutions fulfilling both functional and non functional requirements. We Take a personalized approach and provide dedicated collaboration and communications, modern and contemporary workplace, properly managed IT services, IT support, 24*7 monitoring, cloud and modern data support and enhanced network support.

Why is it important to optimize GPU Graphics Rendering?

Architecture firms often require to work on heavy software and programs that require high-end graphic support. Managed IT solutions help optimize GPU graphics rendering so that even the heaviest files render on time without delaying your design process.

Their expertise in IT solutions for architecture firms allows them to provide just the right solutions at the most affordable prices.

What services does Point North provide?

We help architects gain a competitive edge over their contemporaries through robust solutions. Our services include advanced protection, domain specific software development, remote solutions. Our Cloud services mobile support helps architects and engineering firms access their data remotely, giving them the scope to handle their business needs at just about any time of the day.

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