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Struggling with inefficient IT solutions for your architectural firm?

Slow graphics rendering.

Slow graphics rendering can decrease your firm’s productivity. What would faster, more efficient rendering mean for your business?

Insufficient disk speed for large file manipulations.

The art of designing comes with large files and puts pressure on system resources if the right ones aren’t installed. Don’t let insufficient disk speed slow you down.

Lack of experienced IT professional help for solving technical challenges.

Only an IT expert with architecture experience can solve your unique needs. Trust the experts.

Implementing fast and efficient architectural IT solutions.

Optimizing GPU graphics rendering.

Efficient graphics performance is critical to your productivity. Let us help to optimize your system.

Implementing fast and scalable solutions.

We implement IT solutions that are designed to grow as your business grows.

Help and support with AutoCAD, MasterCAM, Revit, and CAD programs.

We are experienced in providing support for the most commonly-used architectural software and programs.

We provide the IT expertise your business deserves.

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Minnesota’s Expert in IT Solutions

Minnesota’s Expert in IT Solutions For Architecture Companies

Point North Networks, Inc. is a true IT partner for architects and engineers, leveraging today’s most demanding technologies and optimizing them for your use. We deliver professional technology solutions and support that allow today’s architects and engineers to build the infrastructure we all rely on. Architecture, engineering, and design firms are ever-evolving and this results in complex processes that cause them to use various software including modeling programs, design software, and file-sharing applications. Without these, firms will experience a lower standard of work and productivity, as well as a lower quality of design. Firms have to keep up with the latest technological advances and keep their networks secure.

Architecture IT Support Services in Minnesota

Point North Networks, Inc. can provide your architecture and engineering firm with efficient, high-performance IT infrastructure. We offer support for the most advanced designing programs and software, as well as GPU & vGPU computing solutions, cloud-hosted engineering desktops, and helpdesk services. Let us help to position your firm as the most secure and advanced architecture firm in the industry.

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