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Retail managed IT solutions for a secure network infrastructure that protects your customers and your business.

PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance with Attestation

Trouble-Free IT Systems

Trouble-Free IT Systems

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Trusted IT & Hosting Partner with Over 20 Years’ Industry Experience

Struggling with non-compliant IT systems for your retail business?

PCI compliance concerns.

Keeping the doors of your retail business open requires consistent compliance with the authorities. Are you prepared to be shut down because of compliance issues?

Data breaches and stolen credit cards.

Hackers are always trying to steal information and credit cards get stolen every day. What are you doing to protect your business and customers from credit card fraud and data breaches?

Vulnerable IT systems.

An inconsistent network that does not have sufficient protection from cyberthreats and downtime is a ticking time-bomb for your business and can result in significant financial loss.

Point North Networks is your trusted provider of retail IT solutions.

PCI compliant hosting and IT systems.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a set of requirements that ensure all companies that process, store, or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment. Point North Networks, Inc. provides PCI compliant hosting and IT systems to ensure that your customer’s information is safe and that you are compliant with the implemented regulations.

Data protection and cyber security solutions.

Data breaches can cause your customers to lose trust in your business and can result in serious penalties from the authorities if you didn’t do enough to protect your data. Let Point North Networks help you create a secure IT network with our retail cyber security solutions that protect your customers and your bottom line.

Systems monitoring and management.

Point North Networks provides 24/7 managed IT services and support to enable you to manage your business instead of troubleshooting technical IT systems. We provide consulting and business reviews to ensure we implement the right IT systems based on your needs and helpdesk services to provide the consistent support you need.

We provide the IT expertise your business deserves.

IT Consulting Services
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Providing IT Solutions for Retail Businesses

Providing IT Solutions for Retail Businesses in Minnesota and Beyond

Point North Networks, Inc. provides a comprehensive suite of managed IT services to increase the efficiency, productivity, safety, and compliance of you. We have the knowledge and experience to help our customers deal with financial and PCI compliant services in Minnesota.

Our secure local data facilities can attest to PCI compliance and data hosting requirements and are purpose-built for the Payment Card Industry security requirements in the Minneapolis area.

Secure IT Retail Networks

In addition to PCI attestation, we offer vulnerability scanning to ensure that no part of your company network is penetrable. With our customized services and continued monitoring, you can trust that you have the strongest IT network and IT experts providing continuous monitoring to keep retailers secure and running.

Point North Networks, Inc. can provide all the IT protection you need so that you can concentrate on providing consumers with quality customer experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions About IT Solutions for Retail Industry

What are IT retail industry solutions?

This industry has undergone a paradigm shift in recent years driven by digital transformation. It is now extremely tech-based that requires retail businesses to ensure that their digital infrastructure is safe from breaches and cyber threats.

Are cyber and digital threats common in the retail industry?

A case study, Trustwave Global Security Report, show that the digital world is one of the most compromised sectors for cyber threats, making safe IT infrastructure so important. Point North provides the highest quality solutions to ensure that retailers enjoy a safe business environment.

Why are IT solutions for retail firms needed?

Highly efficient business operations and an unparalleled customer experience are what IT Services for Retail focus on. These services are at the center of all your efforts and require a service partner who understands the requirements and has the skill sets to create that efficient ecosystem.

Today’s businesses are constantly running a race against online threats. Thanks to a global digital transformation, artificial intelligence and advanced technology, these threats have become deadlier. Point North provides seamlessly secure networks to ensure that your systems are PCI compliant and remain safe from even the most sophisticated online threats.

What services does Point North provide for retail businesses?

Point North is a one-stop solution provider for retail businesses delivering PCI Compliance, Safety from online breaches and stolen credit cards, protecting vulnerable IT systems, PCI Compliant hosting, etc.

What to do if I am struggling with non-compliant IT systems for my retail business?

The first thing to do is hire a retail IT support service. The retail industry is especially susceptible to cyber threats. This is why it is important for these business models to remain PCI compliant so that they can provide an enhanced customer experience and customer engagement and increase sales.

You can take help of a wide range of services for digital and in-store retailers. These include:

Solving PCI Compliance Concerns: If credit card information is not handled properly, it can lead to digital fraud and hacking. We ensure that your credit card information remains totally safe and secure.

Data Breaches and Stolen Credit Cards Safety: Safeguarding your data from security breaches and stolen credit card management must be taken seriously. Providing the highest-standards of security to shoppers is primary in providing a valuable customer experience.

Protecting Vulnerable IT Systems: Every IT system is vulnerable to cyber threats and it requires specialized IT retail solutions to make the entire digital ecosystem safe and robust. We ensure your IT ecosystem is unreachable.

PCI Compliant Hosting and IT Systems: In today’s digitally charged world, companies must account for cyber threats. Point North’s PCI Compliance with Attestation secures retailers against such threats.

Data protection and cyber security solutions: We are your trusted provider of retail IT solutions when it comes to cyber security solutions. We ensure the data of our retail customers remains safe at all times.

Systems monitoring and management: Robust system monitoring and management services allow retailers to be on the productive side of their operations. We deliver excellent monitoring and management services so that you enjoy a competitive edge over others.

Why choose Point North for retail IT support?

We shape the future of retail businesses through our technology-driven services. We help businesses to positively respond to today’s challenges through our expertise, support, technology and partnership.

Our seamless, human-centric, intelligent, future-ready, and trustworthy IT services enable a transformational shift, helping retailers reinvent themselves in this constantly changing digital business scape and challenging supply chain scenario.

In such a vulnerable online business environment, where online purchasing and online consumer spending has tremendously increased, putting your IT infrastructure under constant cyber threat, having a solid IT solutions provider comes like a blessing in disguise. Point North, with more than two decades of experience, is one such partner that enables the highest standards of digital and in store security and supply chain management.

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