IT Solutions For Manufacturing

Managed IT services that streamline your manufacturing operations.

Trouble-Free IT Systems

Trouble-Free IT Systems

CMMC Compliance

Retain & Bid on New DoD Contracts with CMMC Compliance

Trusted IT Partner with 20+ Years

Trusted IT Partner with 20+ Years Industry Experience

Do you need to streamline your manufacturing operations?

Large-scale operations to manage.

With so many processes in manufacturing companies, it can be hard to streamline and know what systems are best to run your large-scale operations.

Security and ransomware attacks.

How would you handle it if your system was hacked and all your operations were shut down? Cybersecurity threats exist every day and you need to be proactive to ensure your business is secure.

Productivity loss and inconsistent network performance.

Glitchy networks do not result in a successful manufacturing company. Constant downtime will result in millions of dollars in losses and reduce trust among your customers.

Keep your business moving with reliable IT solutions for manufacturing.

Streamline your operations.

Our manufacturing IT solutions ensure that your business is operating at its utmost efficiency. They are customized for your specific needs to optimize your IT systems.

Prevent cyber attacks.

If your manufacturing company is left vulnerable to cyber threats, you run the risk of a total shutdown and loss of data and products. Let Point North Networks, Inc. implement our data protection and cybersecurity solutions that will keep your business safe.

Maintain an efficient network.

Let Point North Networks, Inc. help you to maintain a network that delivers the accuracy and speed you need to run your manufacturing business. We offer systems monitoring and management, and helpdesk services to keep your system functioning.

We provide the IT expertise your business deserves.

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Expert in IT Solutions for Manufacturing

Minnesota’s Expert in IT Solutions for Manufacturing

Implement reliable industrial manufacturing IT solutions for your business with Point North Networks, Inc. Large-scale operations need the most powerful network systems to fuel them. We understand what your business requires to function at its best and we are your trusted provider for all your manufacturing IT solutions. Your productivity and security concerns will be immediately addressed when Point North Networks, Inc becomes your IT solutions provider.

We can help manufacturing companies in Minnesota who work with the Department of Defense navigate CMMC and NIST-800-171 compliance issues. We also offer traditional IT services with a deep understanding of the manufacturing process from unique machine technologies to ERP systems.

Point North Networks creates a customized IT solutions framework for your business with your current infrastructure, needs, and goals in mind. This allows you to operate with the confidence that your business is equipped with all the systems you need to succeed. Trust Point North Networks, Inc. to keep your business secure, efficient, and operating at premium functionality.

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Frequently Asked Questions About IT Solutions Manufacturing

How do IT solutions help manufacturing companies?
The manufacturing industry is highly competitive and works under the pressure of delivering global demand well within time while maintaining the right quality of products. Every manufacturing unit requires IT support – the use of computer systems, software, and networks for the processing and distribution of data – to ensure that their business continues to meet the rising industry demands.

How do IT solutions benefit manufacturing companies?
Efficient IT solutions can help manufacturing companies in many ways. This includes real-time manufacturing operations, increased productivity, and improved efficiency. That apart, such solutions also help transform businesses by leveraging technology.

How can Point North help manufacturing companies?
Large-scale operations and competitive industry players require equally powerful solutions to power them. This is what Point North provides. We understand your unique IT requirements and immediately address those needs with properly built solutions. We create customized IT solutions and integrate them into your current framework. This allows you to operate seamlessly.

What kind of services do IT solution providers deliver for manufacturing?
Most IT service providers, including Point North, deliver services like asset optimization and management, enterprise and supply chain systems, smart manufacturing solutions, inventory management, field service operations, or order management.

How much do IT services for manufacturing companies cost?
IT services are of primary importance to every industry, including the manufacturing sector. These services leverage technology to help businesses increase efficiency and scale up businesses. Hence, they come with a price. However, at Point North, we ensure that our services are affordably priced so that you get the best solutions without burning a hole in your budget.

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