IT Solutions for Government Agencies

Managed IT services that improve the security and efficiency of your government agency.

Protection of Vital Data

Protection of Vital Data

FedRAMP Certified

FedRAMP Certified Data Hosting Facilities

Secure Email Communications

Secure Email Communications

Reliable and secure local and state government IT solutions.

Data and security breaches.

Having personal information for millions of people requires that you have a secure database and infrastructure.

Waste and inefficiency.

Human resources spent manually documenting and updating information is an efficient use of time.

Lack of cloud knowledge.

Lack of knowledge of technological advances means you cannot use these resources effectively.

Local and state government IT solutions that streamline your processes and secure your IT infrastructure.

Data encryption and digital security.

Our IT solutions include data encryption and digital security that allows government agencies to keep their networks and systems secure.

Digital document conversions.

Reduce inefficient processes and save time spent on manual labor with more efficient systems.

Expert IT support services.

No need to understand everything about technology. Our team of experts are here to provide all the guidance you need.

We provide the IT expertise your business deserves.

IT Consulting Services
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Managed IT Services for Government Agencies

Managed IT Services for Government Agencies and Public Sector Organizations in Minnesota

We provide Managed IT Services for Government and public sector agencies to strengthen their IT infrastructures, improve productivity, control costs, implement cyber-security programs, and generate a positive return on investment in IT. We help them with a full suite of managed IT services at an affordable cost.

Point North Networks, Inc. implements IT solutions in government agencies that will improve employee efficiency, reduce the risk of a data breach, streamline business processes, and support the latest IT applications and a robust infrastructure. Let us help you with seamless managed IT services.

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