3 Things you Need to Know About Hackers


Never underestimate the power of a hacker. A cyber attack can single-handedly destroy a small business and there are a lot of avenues for a hacker to obtain the information you might not want anyone else to have. Here are three things to know about hackers to help you prepare yourself against major security threats.

Hackers know more than you do

As much as you may think you know about network protection, we can guarantee there is someone who knows more than you. At Point North Networks, we use our expertise to educate businesses and their employees about how to avoid major security threats. One can never know too much about cyber security.

There are types of hackers

A few categories of hackers exist: black hat hackers, white hat (ethical) hackers, and grey hat hackers. The black hat hackers are the types that business owners need to look out for. These hackers are criminals who do not practice ethics or ask permission for access to your channels. These are the hackers who seek vulnerabilities in order to exploit them.

Nearly every digital device can be hacked

Hacking doesn’t only apply to computers. Your work phones are vulnerable, too. Apple’s iOS is resistant, but not immune to hacking. Android users can be at risk if they download apps from third parties. Internet routers are vulnerable to hackers redirecting your internet tracking and stealing valuable information. Set up a strong admin and network password and try to disable Wi-Fi Protected Setup on your router, if possible.

The more knowledge everyone has about hackers, the less power they have. Contact Point North Networks to receive a free cyber security assessment for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hackers

How can hackers affect a business?

When a business or its devices are hacked, it could lead to loss, damage or theft of important data. In some cases, the harm can go beyond digital data and adversely impact physical devices as well. All of this can have a lasting impact on a business’s functions, reputation, and financial standing.  


How can a business protect itself from hackers?

In order to protect a business from hackers, it is exceptionally important to have security software installed on every possible device. More importantly, the software must be inclusive of anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-spam filters so that the computers, laptops, and mobile devices can stay protected from malware and other viruses. 


What is a simple yet effective way to stay safe from hackers?

One of the easiest ways to protect oneself from hackers is to have strong secure passwords that are difficult to crack.  


What are the first signs of being hacked?

If you fail to log in to your device despite entering the correct passwords, if you receive texts or emails regarding multiple or unauthorized login attempts or password resets, and/or if you received communication regarding two-factor authentication without prompting the system yourself, then it may be an indication that your accounts are being hacked.