5 Reasons to Ask an MSP to Help With Microsoft 365 Migration

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As one of Minnesota’s top MSPs, we have helped a lot of companies migrate to Microsoft 365. It provides a plethora of benefits for employees and has top security features that businesses need. However, technology department leaders often begin this process with hesitation, mostly because the task seems incredibly daunting and they naturally worry how much of a chore this will turn out to be for themselves. That’s when Point North Networks comes in.

Here are the five reasons technology leaders should work with an MSP to facilitate Microsoft 365 migration for their organization.

  1. To minimize disruption – A good MSP will try to minimize the amount of downtime for your business as much as possible. They often can perform the migration outside of your business hours so that your team can continue on without interruption.
  2. To stay secure – An MSP will use the latest security protocols to make sure your data is protected during the migration process. A DIY method can leave your data extremely vulnerable.
  3. To save you the research and learning time – Find an experienced MSP who understands the complexities of Microsoft 365 migration so that you don’t have to study it all right away. A helpful MSP will do its part to guide you through the process so that you gain the understanding you need as you go.
  4. To save money – MSPs try to find you the most cost-effective solutions so that you don’t end up making costly mistakes.
  5. To have someone to lean on – At Point North Networks, we offer ongoing support when we perform Microsoft 365 migration so that we can answer your team’s questions, troubleshoot issues, and keep your environment up-to-date.

Contact Point North Networks today to make the transition to Microsoft 365 in a streamlined and safe way.