How to Handle an Employee-Caused Security Breach

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Employee-caused security breaches happen daily. In fact, 92% of data breaches are caused by human error. If you own a company or oversee a technology department, you should fully expect these things to happen and have a plan to both prevent these incidents and solve them quickly when they happen.

Point North Networks is the trusted IT partner for businesses that embrace technology. We’ll leave it up to your HR department to handle employees, but we can step in to solve security breaches if things go wrong, as well as help to stop them from happening. Here are some ways we help to handle employee-caused security breaches:

#1 Training that empowers

What if your employees knew how to mitigate errors that could harm their personal data and the company’s data? Point North Networks has employee cybersecurity training programs that empower them to stay safe from threats.

#2 Contain the breach

When a breach occurs, moving quickly is essential. Contain the situation by shutting down systems, changing passwords, and isolating affected devices. This can help limit the impact of the problem.

#3 Notify management

This is not the time to prioritize the fear of getting in trouble. A good IT department knows these things happen and it benefits everyone to know as soon as possible what happened so they can make informed decisions.

#4 Communicate with affected parties

Whether it’s your customers or partners, or businesses you share data spaces with, you need to be transparent and tell them all the information they need to know, including how you’re solving the problem.

Having a plan for security breaches doesn’t mean the situation is perfect, but it puts you in a significantly better position than you would be without a plan. Work with a team like Point North Networks to be prepared for these incidents in the best way possible.