One Hidden Benefit of Managed IT Services

We hate to be the bad guy, but we’re certain that you cannot multitask nearly as well as you think you can. Multitasking is just not how the human brain works, and whether or not you believe in the psychology of it, we think you stand to benefit by outsourcing some of the tasks on your plate to a managed service provider.


Managed services are effective to help you spend less time on your IT and more time on your actual job duties and responsibilities.

The Proof is in the Proverbial Pudding

To put things in perspective, only about 2.5% of people can effectively multitask, so it’s highly unlikely that you are in the minority who can do so without compromising the quality of your work.

What you think is multitasking is really just your brain switching gears over and over, and the more complicated these tasks are, the less effective it is at switching between them. Your performance is sure to suffer if you can’t keep up.

How This Shows Up in the Workplace

It’s difficult at best to do multiple tasks at the same time, so let’s take a look at some of the tasks that might be pulling you away from your important work:

  • Managing employees to ensure they are reaching your organizational and operational goals.
  • Managing the public face of the company, including how you appear to the community, clients, and vendors.
  • Ensuring compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Managing the sales and marketing efforts of your organization.


Notice how we haven’t even mentioned IT on that list yet; it’s a whole other beast to tackle.

Managed IT Removes Some of the Burden on Your Business

Really, you shouldn’t be managing your technology anyway—you should be relying on a professional like Point North Networks. Give us a call today and we can discuss how it’s beneficial for you to work with us.

Frequently Asked Question about Benefit of Managed IT Services

What services do managed IT services provide?

The scope of Managed IT Services usually depends on the specific needs and the budget of your business. Some of the noteworthy services under their scope are – 

  • Maintenance and monitoring of devices
  • Management of IT systems
  • Remote management of services
  • Network monitoring 
  • Support services 

Why should I appoint managed IT services for my business?

In the present-day world, managing cyber security is getting more and more cumbersome. Not only does it need constant attention, but also a certain level of expertise for maintaining network security. Moreover, overlooking one or more aspects of cyber security, even for a few days can lead to significant harm to the business. All of this combined makes it essential for every business to have a reliable Managed IT Service provider on their side. 

What do Managed IT services look for?

Some of the most important services to look for in a Managed IT Service provider include – 

  • Quick Response Time
  • Annual and Monthly Budget Planning
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Third-Party Vendor Partnerships
  • Local On-Site Maintenance and Support
  • Remote Monitoring and Support 
  • Daily Backups and Cloud Services
  • Security Testing & Monitoring

Is managed service the same as outsourcing?

Outsourcing IT Services imply that an external company will offer assistance in specific areas of your business. On the other hand, Managed IT Services have a wider scope and aim at offering multiple technology services, complete with cybersecurity and other crucial aspects of network security.