Hosted Desktop Service

Provide your workforce with a complete virtual desktop environment accessible from any device with an internet connection. Centrally managed, scalable, improved security, and cost-effective solution for today’s modern & mobile workforce.

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Be Productive Anywhere

The PNN Hosted Desktop Service is designed to allow users to securely access Windows hosted desktops from any device with any compatible web browser, from any location.


Run Any Application

Enjoy your own personal Windows desktop, in ‘the cloud’. Run any application including Microsoft Office suite, QuickBooks, and any other business app required!

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Stay Secure

Built with industry-standard security controls. Multi-factor authentication, vulnerability monitoring & scanning, managed security updates, plus a dedicated security engineering team.


Reduce Cost

Eliminate the need to spend thousands of dollars on high-end desktops and laptops. All the compute is performed at our managed data center facility for a low monthly fee.

Hosted Desktop

Benefits of PNN Hosted Desktop Service

Hassle-Free Access

With Point North Hosted Desktop Service, you can rest assured of enjoying the benefits of browser-based access to all your desktops and apps, that too with optimal security! Regardless of the time of your location, our service allows you secure access to all your desktops in the most seamless manner possible.

Security that Counts

Our hosted desktop environment is built with controls for physical, network, and application security. Multi-Factor Authentication, continuous vulnerability monitoring & scanning, a dedicated security engineering team, plus proven compliance levels allow Point North to take ownership of up to 80% of compliance controls.

Locally Managed Facilities

Point North hosted infrastructure is wholly built and managed by our engineers in our own data facilities in Minneapolis, Eagan, and Kansas City. Our Hosted Cloud services are made and certified to simplify moving your infrastructure to the cloud.

Reduced Cost of Operation

Eliminate the need to spend thousands of dollars on high-end desktops and laptops for your management and employees. Revel in the numerous benefits of performing all the computation at our managed data center facility for a monthly fee that is truly affordable.

Data Loss Elimination

Our hosted desktop environments are backed up several times daily to off-site encrypted storage with 90 days of retention. Quickly restore lost or deleted files as well as directories in minutes, with our continuously monitored and managed data backup systems.

Run Any Application

Our Hosted Desktop service is your own personal Windows 10 desktop in ‘the cloud’. Run any application, including Microsoft Office suite, QuickBooks, and any other business app, including Cad Applications!

Browser-Based Access to Windows Desktops & Apps

Our hosted desktop service is a Windows-based computing solution that provides users with a complete virtual desktop environment accessible from any device with an internet connection. Rather than running applications and storing data locally on a physical computer or device, the desktop environment is hosted and managed in the local Point North data center facility.

Here’s some of the features with the PNN Hosted Desktop Service:

Local Data Center Facilities

The PNN Hosted Desktop environment, including the operating system, applications, and data, is hosted on servers managed exclusively by Point North local staff in our Eagan and Denver data facilities.

Access From Anywhere

Users can access their hosted desktops from various devices such as laptops, desktop computers, tablets, or even smartphones. As long as there is an internet connection, users can log in and access their virtual desktop from anywhere, providing flexibility and mobility.

Centralized Management

With PNN hosted desktops, the management and maintenance of the desktop environment are handled by the Point North staff. Updates, security patches, software installations, and data backups are centrally managed, reducing the burden on individual users and organizations.

Enhanced Security

PNN hosted desktops offer improved security compared to traditional desktop environments. Data is stored centrally in the PNN data center, reducing the risk of data loss or theft from individual devices. Centralized security measures, such as firewalls, antivirus software, and access controls, are implemented to protect the virtual desktop environment.

Cost Savings

PNN hosted desktops can provide cost savings for your organization. Instead of purchasing and maintaining individual hardware for each user, the hosted desktop is based on a predictable monthly subscription-based pricing for the virtual desktop service. This reduces upfront hardware costs, simplifies hardware upgrades, and reduces IT support and maintenance requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions About PNN Hosted Desktop Service

Hosted Desktop Services or Desktop as Service (DaaS) is a cloud-based service that enables the functioning of a desktop-like environment on a virtual machine within a local private data center. It helps businesses to be productive from anywhere, run any kind of application, stay secure against a host of cybersecurity threats, and reduce operational costs.

As a professional service provider, Point North’s Hosted Desktop Services provide a wide range of benefits. These include hassle-free access to your desktop and apps, multi-level security that counts, facilities that are locally managed, reduced operational cost, elimination of any chance of data loss, and staying compliant at all times, a factor that most organizations miss when going for these services.

Hosted Desktop Services are important in today’s business landscape, especially now that a lot of businesses are turning to remote working. Such important services do come at a cost, however, if you partner with Point North, we can assure you that our services will be worth it. We maintain complete transparency in all our processes and there is no fine print.

The anytime, anywhere work arrangement is here to stay, and on premise desktops are being rendered redundant in these demanding work environments. However, if you move to a hosted desktop environment, you can enjoy more work mobility, data security, better business continuity, reduced expenditure, resolve issues quickly and adopt sustainable working.

We provide fully-integrated desktop services, we have several data centers across the globe, we provide systems that are easy to deploy, we maintain complete transparency in every single step, and we provide fully-integrated virtual desktop services. These features separate us from our competitors as we provide a comprehensive package that most of our contemporaries don’t.

Since the hosted desktop environment and data are located in a secure data center, hosted desktops provide built-in disaster recovery capabilities. In the event of hardware failures, natural disasters, or other disruptions, users can quickly resume their work from alternate devices, ensuring business continuity.

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