IT Consulting Services

Our IT consulting services will help you create the best digital framework to enhance your current operations and help your business meet and exceed its objectives.

Propel Digital Transformation

Propel Digital Transformation

Improve Organizational Processes

Improve Organizational Processes

Utilize Tech Expertise

Utilize Tech Expertise

Not sure how to make technology work for your business?

Too many processes.

When a business has multiple departments including IT and Human Resources, the number of processes in place can be overwhelming. Lack of knowledge on how to streamline these can prevent your business from seeing the real growth it can achieve.

Security and data protection concerns.

Security and data breaches are possible when a business lacks high-quality security features. These breaches can be costly for your business and clients alike.

Equipment concerns.

IT infrastructures of the past were often large, bulky machines. You can still have the IT systems you need without purchasing and storing more equipment.

Let us guide you through the complicated world of IT.

Digitize your processes.

Point North Networks Inc. can help you to automate your business and digitize your processes. Our technicians implement the best IT systems for your needs and ensure they are accessible, streamlined, and safe.

Secure IT network and infrastructure.

IT security is an ever-growing concern, but it doesn’t have to be a terrifying thought. Our tech specialists know the latest software and technology that will keep your data and IT infrastructure safe and protected from breaches and hackers.

Infrastructure management.

Allow the trusted team of IT professionals at Point North Networks, Inc. to provide the guidance you need to transition from large and outdated IT systems to a cloud-based IT infrastructure. Embrace more efficient operations and allow new technology to drive your business.

We provide the IT expertise your business deserves.

IT Consulting Services
IT Consulting Services Provider

Minnesota’s Epxert IT Consulting Services Provider

Let Point North Networks, Inc. help you with your business’s digital transformation. IT support is crucial in today’s advancing technology and our IT Consulting services are designed to find the right IT solutions that your business needs now and solutions that can grow with you as you scale. Our IT Managed Support service consultants improve and optimize your current IT infrastructure and operations, and ensure that the latest technology is utilized in every aspect of your business.

Point North Networks, Inc. provides IT support services to small and mid-sized businesses in Minnesota and beyond. Our IT Consulting services ensure we have a comprehensive understanding of your business’s needs, so we are equipped to be the best IT support service provider.  Get the latest technology and streamlined operations with the IT consulting services from Point North Networks, Inc.

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Common questions about managed IT consulting services

How do IT consulting services help businesses?

In today’s ever-evolving technological landscape, it is necessary to keep up with the changes. And an IT consultant helps you find the best technology that can leverage your business. Additionally, IT consultants also provide recurring maintenance, support, installation and security services whenever required.

Why should I hire an IT consultant if I have an internal IT team?

The technology needs of a business keep changing, especially as businesses expand. This would require your internal IT team to concentrate on more important tasks than keeping themselves busy with the mundane ones. These mundane tasks can be handed over to IT consultants who can work alongside your main IT team and create a smoother functioning of the entire IT infrastructure.

What to look for in an It consultant when hiring one?

Since there are ample options to choose from, you must ensure that you select an IT consultant that can deliver the best services. Firstly, you must prefer a consultant that’s located close to your business, or at least has a satellite office nearby. Additionally, you must check their reputation, experience and expertise, if they have the right industry-related certificates or not, if they have a strong trading history, or if they are capable of providing good sector-specific references.

How much does IT consulting services cost?

IT consulting services are available in a variety of price ranges. This depends on the kind of services you hire them from. The level of support requires, any additional services hired, etc. will determine the overall price. However, if you partner with Point North, you will get the best price for the services we deliver. We are transparent in our prices and there are no hidden costs or fine print.

What industries does Point North cater to?

We provide IT consulting services to a wide range of industries including manufacturing, retail, finance, architecture, nonprofit organizations, and government institutions. We have expertise in serving a wide range of industries and we have successfully delivered solutions to a variety of clients.

Our Industry Experience

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Trouble-Free IT Systems

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