The Five Core Principles of Cybersecurity

As a team of cybersecurity experts at Point North Networks, we are well aware of the confusion and complexities that come with the overall concept of keeping your data safe. However, the true meaning of cybersecurity essentially boils down to five key fundamentals that most people can understand and agree upon. 

The National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Cybersecurity Framework (NIST CSF) is a set of guidelines for improving cybersecurity within organizations. Its five fundamental principles are the driving force behind how and why we serve our local community with top-notch cybersecurity efforts.

#1 – Identify

An organization needs to recognize its cybersecurity risks before anyone can take action on them. This includes being aware of your assets, systems, data, and the roles of all users.

#2 – Protect

This is where robust security controls come into play. These will differ based on the needs you have identified in step one. These controls may include firewalls, encryption, and more.

#3 – Detect

An organization needs to be able to detect cybersecurity threats as quickly as possible to mitigate risks effectively. The right IT partner should have full visibility into your systems to be able to do this, as well as a plan to respond.

#4 – Respond

How your IT partner or organization responds to a cybersecurity incident is crucial for minimizing damage and allowing you to return to business as usual quickly. A good response plan can take a potential complete collapse and minimize it to only a minor setback if done right.

#5 – Recover

When things go wrong, can you make them right? A recovery plan for restoring lost data is essential and should be expected of any IT partner. A communication plan for the organization’s employees is also necessary so that all can stay calm and organized if an incident does occur.

Point North Networks has the experience and expertise to stay true to these five fundamentals for every business it serves. Contact us today to empower your organization against any cyber threats that may come your way.