7 Benefits of a Cloud Hosting Desktop Solution

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Benefits of VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) That You Must Know About

Independent software vendors, business owners, IT managers, and managed service providers can all benefit from using a cloud hosting desktop solution.

A hosted desktop service, also known as Desktop as a Service, or Daas, is essentially a cloud-based service designed to enable the functioning of a desktop environment on a virtual machine hosted on the cloud. Here is what that can mean for any company that uses technology to operate.

Hassle-Free Access

When it comes to accessibility, desktop software is quite limiting. Firstly, desktop software can only be used by one person at a time and it requires that person to be physically present at that location to access it.

In a time and age, where remote working and work-from-anywhere are fast becoming the new norm, this kind of work structure can cripple the flexibility aspect of organizations. This can be even more limiting in case of an emergency as accessing data while physically not being there could be a problem.

A virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) on the other hand, provides easy access from anywhere, at any time. Since such software is available globally over the internet, it can be accessed irrespective of your location and time zone on monilr . Moreover, virtual desktops comes in handy in an emergency as it is fairly easy to access virtual desktops especially via mobile devices, and take suitable action.

Security that Counts

Security is a huge concern in today’s digitally dominant world where cybercrimes and data threat is fast becoming a menace.

This data threat becomes very real when all your important information is stored on a desktop or an external hard drive, which can be easily lost if the computer crashes or if the hard drive is lost/misplaced.

However, if the data is stored on cloud-based software, you can safeguard it from all the above-mentioned threats.

VDI environment offers one of the safest storage methods as the data stored cannot be accessed by any unauthorized person. It requires your login details to be accessed.

So, even if your laptop is stolen, the data remains safe and you can still access it via the central server from another device. The data also remains safe from cyber criminals as the cloud program runs from a data center that has numerous layers of protection.

Virtual desktop management
Virtual desktop management

Locally Managed Facilities

Moving from Desktop to Cloud is not as messy as it sounds. It is rather simple and can be done across multiple platforms. You can either choose to go virtual to virtual and cloud to cloud, or you can try the physical to virtual and data center route as well.

Whatever you decide to choose, your third-party provider will easily be able to migrate your desktop to the cloud without any downtime or disruption in your current work scheme. This is yet another advantage of being on the cloud. Moreover, you can also enjoy centralized management with VDI!

On the contrary, any changes in the desktop system will eat up your productive time and takes longer as well.

Data Loss Elimination

Data loss is a huge issue in a desktop-oriented setup. In order to keep your data safe and secure, you would need to take backups on hard drives to ensure that it is not completely lost if anything goes wrong with the desktop. It is an extremely cumbersome process as the data keeps piling up as you go about your business and keeping a track of what is stored in which drive is something that can take up a lot of your time and effort.

However, cloud-based software does all of this through auto-updates. So, you don’t have to do anything to store and save your data. And this storing of data is done at several places to provide extra protection.

Even if your laptop is lost or crashes, you can access the data from any other system. Cloud-based systems are always updated, so you get the most updated and secure data storage facilities.

Same Image

In a virtualized desktop infrastructure, the same image can be used as a central desktop image. The same image VDI supports the creation and use of the same virtual desktop image for numerous desktops. These desktop images can be easily created, edited, enhanced and deployed via VDI infrastructure.

Stay Compliant

Regardless of the time or location of your employees, a hosted desktop service allows them to access all necessary desktops in the most seamless manner possible. They can enjoy this browser-based access to all desktops and apps with optimal security, too.

Only those who you want to have access will be able to use this feature as Point North Networks can implement multi-factor authentication, proven compliance levels, and more.

You’ll want your IT partner to be able to provide services made and certified to simplify moving your infrastructure to the cloud. Point North Networks’ hosted infrastructure is wholly built and managed by our engineers in our own data facilities in Minneapolis, Eagan, and Kansas City.

Reduce your Operation Costs

High-end desktops and laptops for all your employees add up enormously. Using a locally managed data center for a monthly fee is helps introduce cost efficiency to the system, and enables humongous cost savings in the foreseeable future.

The cost-effectiveness of centralized server is simply one of the biggest benefits that organizations can reap. It might seem like a lot of investment at the beginning of the shift to the cloud, but it is far more affordable and cost-effective in the long run.

With a desktop-based software system, you would need to invest in developing a proper IT infrastructure right at the beginning and it would require timely upgradation of software and hardware.

This is a never-ending process that would keep springing up surprise expenditures at any time of the year. The sudden crashing of the desktop systems, damages, maintenance, etc. are additional costs that you must factor in as well. A cloud-based system, on the other hand, frees you from all these hassles.

You won’t have to pay for IT infrastructure, it auto-updates, ensuring you get the latest versions, and you only pay for whatever features and space you use through its pay-as-you-go feature. Together, these factors result in more cost-effective operations and much higher returns.

Hosted desktop environments should be backed up several times a day and contain at least 90 days of retention storage to allow you, the end user, to quickly restore files.

Don’t have Microsoft Office suite on the device you’re using? No problem, a hosted desktop solution can even run Cad Applications.

You won’t break any rules with the right hosted desktop solution. Your provider should follow all the right security controls so that you can follow the rules even when handling controlled unclassified information data.

Contact Point North Networks today to implement a cloud hosting desktop solution for your business. We can also help you with Thin Clients – the much coveted lightweight, small pieces of hardware designed ideal for the VDI platform of your choosing.

With us by your side, you can also revel in additional VDI benefits such as data security, disaster recovery, bring your own device (BYOD) such as personal desktop, thin client or mobile devices!

So, what are you waiting for?

Make the most of our expertise in designing the best virtualized environment for your business, and enjoy the benefits such as quick and convenient desktop fixes, better graphics VDI, increased productivity VDI and more.