7 Benefits of a Cloud Hosting Desktop Solution

Independent software vendors, business owners, IT managers, and managed service providers can all benefit from using a cloud hosting desktop solution. A hosted desktop service, also known as Desktop as a Service, or Daas, is essentially a cloud-based service designed to enable the functioning of a desktop environment on a virtual machine hosted on the cloud. Here is what that can mean for any company that uses technology to operate.

Hassle-Free Access

Regardless of the time or location of your employees, a hosted desktop service allows them to access all necessary desktops in the most seamless manner possible. They can enjoy this browser-based access to all desktops and apps with optimal security, too.

Security that Counts

Only those who you want to have access will be able to use this feature as Point North Networks can implement multi-factor authentication, proven compliance levels, and more.

Locally Managed Facilities

You’ll want your IT partner to be able to provide services made and certified to simplify moving your infrastructure to the cloud. Point North Networks’ hosted infrastructure is wholly built and managed by our engineers in our own data facilities in Minneapolis, Eagan, and Kansas City.

Reduce your Operation Costs

High-end desktops and laptops for all your employees add up enormously. Using a locally managed data center for a monthly fee is a much more affordable cost.

Data Loss Elimination

Hosted desktop environments should be backed up several times a day and contain at least 90 days of retention storage to allow you to quickly restore files.

Run Any Application

Don’t have Microsoft Office suite on the device you’re using? No problem, a hosted desktop solution can even run Cad Applications.

Stay Compliant

You won’t break any rules with the right hosted desktop solution. Your provider should follow all the right security controls so that you can follow the rules even when handling controlled unclassified information data.

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