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2020 Was Rough for Healthcare Where IT Was Concerned


2020 was, obviously, a challenging year for healthcare providers. In addition to the obvious issue of the COVID-19 pandemic creating serious operational, financial, and supply chain difficulties, cybersecurity concerns didn’t go away during this time. Let’s consider some of the additional stresses that IT security needs can, will, and have placed on healthcare providers. The amount that healthcare practices invest in their cybersecurity services has been projected to exceed $65 billion in the span of time from 2017 to this year—but despite [...]

2020 Was Rough for Healthcare Where IT Was Concerned2021-04-05T14:05:38+00:00

Android Apps Suddenly Crashing? You May Have Had a Bad Update


Google’s Android operating system has about a 71.9 percent global market share, making it the most used smartphone operating system in the world. It’s well-trusted, and although the experience differs since phone manufacturers customize Android to fit their device, generally the operating system is pretty stable. This wasn’t the case for a massive number of users around March 22nd, 2021.   Around the 22nd of March, many Android users started to notice their apps crashing.   Not a particular app either. Instead, [...]

Android Apps Suddenly Crashing? You May Have Had a Bad Update2021-03-29T14:27:22+00:00

The Long and Short of Data Backup


Having a comprehensive data backup and recovery strategy in place can absolutely save your business. This means it’s extremely important. Unfortunately, too many businesses don’t consider their backup and recovery systems until it is too late. Let’s unwrap what makes a successful backup and recovery platform work, and how to get one for your business.   Many business professionals use data backup and disaster recovery as if they are interchangeable, but this is simply not the case. Data backup is the act [...]

The Long and Short of Data Backup2021-03-26T16:14:38+00:00

Policies that Every BYOD Strategy Needs to Abide By


One of the most effective means for a business to shave a few dollars off its budget (and potentially boost employee engagement, for that matter) is to adopt something called a Bring Your Own Device policy—effectively, an agreement that allows their team members to access business-owned documents and files on devices they personally own to get their work done. While these policies have been shown to be very effective, they also need to be carefully considered so they can be adopted appropriately. [...]

Policies that Every BYOD Strategy Needs to Abide By2021-03-24T18:55:53+00:00

Do Google’s New Policies on User Data Privacy Indicate Larger Changes?


Just in case you haven’t been paying attention, online privacy has been highlighted significantly in recent years—in no small part due to the sale of our profiles by the tech giants that provide today’s most (in)famous websites… including and especially Google. Having said this, it is also important to acknowledge that some of Google’s recent policy changes could suggest that this may change at some point. Let’s dive in and see what we can piece together. How Google Makes Its Money In [...]

Do Google’s New Policies on User Data Privacy Indicate Larger Changes?2021-03-19T13:01:52+00:00

Does Your Organization Have Enough Bandwidth?


A lot of business is being conducted over the Internet right now, in terms of communication and transactions alike, which makes a business’ capability to remain connected to its clientele even more important. Now is not the time to wonder if your business is as connected as it should be, which means that you need to know how much bandwidth you have available—and that what you do have is sufficient. Does Your Business Have Enough Bandwidth? Obviously, if your business is experiencing [...]

Does Your Organization Have Enough Bandwidth?2021-03-09T14:00:52+00:00

Accounting Firms are Finding Their IT Overtaxed


With tax season quickly reaching its crescendo, accountants and CPAs face increased threats to their data security. Your clients' financial information is too good for a cybercriminal to pass up. Now is the time to prepare yourself to fight a cyberattack. Learn how managed IT can support your business in a variety of ways. Is Your Data Secure for Tax Season? Cybercriminals are well aware of the stress most accountants and CPAs face during tax season. They also know that with stress [...]

Accounting Firms are Finding Their IT Overtaxed2021-03-08T15:02:25+00:00

The Power Button is Capable of More Than On/Off


If you’ve ever used technology, the power button has had a pretty consistent appearance, and an even more consistent use. However, there’s a reason that the power symbol we’re so familiar with looks the way it does. Furthermore, there’s more that the power button can ultimately do. What the “Power” Symbol Means The symbol that appears on the power button looks somewhat unique. However, this makes more sense when you consider that it’s just what you get when you smoosh the “|” [...]

The Power Button is Capable of More Than On/Off2021-03-01T18:02:10+00:00
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