Patch Management and How It Can Save Your Business


Software runs our lives. It certainly runs your business. What if I told you that this essential cog in your business’ operations can also be the thing that is most susceptible to being exposed by outside attackers? It’s true, software can be the very door that hackers and scammers need to get into your network and run amok. Let’s take a look at the unsung service that is patch management and why it is so important.   For the first years of [...]

Patch Management and How It Can Save Your Business2021-05-10T15:24:21+00:00

Your Guide to the Modern Varieties of Cybercriminal


There is an entire litany of stereotypes that are commonly linked to the term “hacker”… too many for us to dig into here, especially since they do little but form a caricature of just one form that today’s cybercriminal can take. Let’s go into the different varieties that are covered nowadays under the blanket term of “hacker,” and the threat that each pose to businesses today. To give this list some semblance of sensible order, let’s go from the small fish up [...]

Your Guide to the Modern Varieties of Cybercriminal2021-04-19T12:47:03+00:00
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