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Monitoring Your IT is a Crucial Step to Success


Your business’ technology is extremely important to your business’ success and ensuring that it is functioning as designed has to be an ongoing priority. This can be harder than you may think. Today, we’ll go over how you can actively confront this challenge and keep your IT running as it should. Examining the Importance of a Business’ Infrastructure If you stop and give it some thought, you’d immediately acknowledge just how much you rely on your IT. How many times a day [...]

Monitoring Your IT is a Crucial Step to Success2020-11-13T16:36:09+00:00

Do Your Privacy Practices Line Up With Your Privacy Expectations?


How concerned are you about your data privacy, as a consumer, particularly when you entrust it to another business? If you answered “very”, you aren’t alone… 87 percent of Americans consider their data privacy to be a human right. Having said that, most don’t pay near enough attention to their own security precautions. Let’s take a few moments and examine this trend. How Consumers View Business Data Practices A recently released report presented the results of a survey of American consumers to [...]

Do Your Privacy Practices Line Up With Your Privacy Expectations?2020-09-04T13:48:04+00:00

Don’t Allow Any Disasters to Put Your Operations on Hold


If there’s anything that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught businesses, it’s that they need to be (or, in too many cases, should have been) prepared for anything. Disasters don’t keep a nine-to-five schedule, and you generally won’t get much notice that one is going to strike. This is why it is so important to have fully considered your business continuity, and to have prepared your staff to work productively from anywhere. First, let’s examine the various disasters that your business may have [...]

Don’t Allow Any Disasters to Put Your Operations on Hold2020-09-04T13:41:24+00:00

We’re Seeing an Increase in COVID-19-Related Cyberattacks


Since the beginning of the COVID-19 situation in March, creating a vaccine has been a major priority. True to form, hackers have begun targeting the very organizations responsible for the vaccine trials. There’s a lesson to be learned, today we’ll discuss it. Cozy Bear According to the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre, a group with the moniker “APT29” (who is also known as “Cozy Bear” or as “the Dukes”) has started to relentlessly hack organizations tabbed with creating a vaccine for [...]

We’re Seeing an Increase in COVID-19-Related Cyberattacks2020-08-31T13:13:22+00:00

For Many Businesses, Working From Home Might Stick


Work Can Get Done From Home. Who Would Have Guessed? Skipping the commute, wearing comfortable pants, and foregoing everyday office distractions has become the new norm during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it’s very likely that the businesses that do well with a remote workforce might continue to keep operating that way even after we’re all able to see each other again. Before the pandemic, if you were to ask a hundred small business owners what their biggest turn off was when [...]

For Many Businesses, Working From Home Might Stick2020-05-09T13:07:01+00:00

Don’t Get Phished Out of Your Stimulus Payment


Wherever there is money, there are scammers.... So it may not be a big surprise that scammers are out en masse trying to get between you and your federally mandated stimulus money. It’s bad enough that we’ve already seen a couple of phishing scams using the COVID-19 pandemic that are designed to help hackers get into accounts they have no business in, now that these scammers know that people are getting cash, the scams are kicked up a notch. This is [...]

Don’t Get Phished Out of Your Stimulus Payment2020-05-09T13:14:16+00:00

Efficient IT Goes a Long Way


Rethink Your Operations With the COVID-19 pandemic causing businesses to rethink their operational strategies, many businesses have had to make a quick digital transformation. Many businesses have accomplished this before the stay-at-home orders, but with employees working from home, we thought this was the perfect time to take a look at four tools businesses can use to improve their work-from-home strategies. Analysis, In Real Time Making prudent and qualified decisions is more important now that it has ever been [...]

Efficient IT Goes a Long Way2020-05-09T13:07:11+00:00
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