3 Things that Start to Happen When you Outsource Tech Support


The decision to outsource tech support can sometimes be a hard concept for IT departments or business owners to grab. It comes with trusting the chosen IT partner on a great level and being willing to let go of some control. But, with that transition comes a lot of positive gains. At Point North Networks, over our many years of providing IT support to great companies all over Minnesota, here is what we have observed tends to happen to those who we have helped make this transition.

Your team becomes smarter

Of course, your team was already made up of smart people, or else they wouldn’t be on your team! But, when employees have the right IT partner, they become a lot smarter about topics like cybersecurity and how their technology works. At Point North Networks, we take the extra step to make sure your team is empowered through self-improvement, personal protection, and engaging training that is relatable, not demeaning. This results in a lot of positive gains, such as fewer questions and confusion and an average of a 64% improvement in phishing click rates.

You save money

Of course, cost savings is one of the most well-known benefits of outsourcing your tech support. The right IT partner will also be on the lookout for opportunities to streamline your current contracts and costs and provide you with customized solutions.

Fewer headaches for all

Anyone who works in an office knows how overwhelming it can be to experience technical issues and not be able to find a solution. Your employees can spend time Googling tech solutions all they want, but that’s not their job. They deserve a trusted IT support team to guide them through those frustrations that come with failed technology or potential cybersecurity threats.

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