5 Things that Start to Happen When you Outsource Tech Support

Surprising Benefits of Tech Support Outsourcing

Technical Support Outsourcing
Technical Support Outsourcing

When a business needs to better manage its processes, or simply deal effectively with seasonal fluctuations in workload, the in house tech support teams may not suffice. It is at such a point, when scaling in house tech support might become necessary. However, it can often be way more time consuming and costly than is viable. Moreover, once the increased demand withers away, the in house team will hav little to no use for the business process. In such cases, it is much more viable to outsource technical support staff.

What is Technical Support Outsourcing?

Technical Support Outsourcing
Technical Support Outsourcing

Technical support outsourcing can be defined as the process of hiring a third-party individual or organization to provide technical support services. The high level of skill and experience that outsourced teams bring to the table are simply unmatched. Moreover, the extent of services can be increased or decreased as per the evolving.

Factors to Consider When Outsourcing Tech Support

If your organization in inclined to hire the services of a technical support outsourcing vendor, here are some aspects that need your due diligence. These include –

Support Costs

One of the key reasons of outsourcing your technical support is cost saving. Hence, it is crucial that the charges levied by the company providing technical support to you are affordable, and more importantly transparent. If need be, you must ask for service quotations from multiple providers, before finalizing on the one which offers the maximum value!

Legal and Data Security

The service provider chosen by you should have high-end security standards in place. This will help ensure that your business data, as well as the personal and financial information of your customers stay safe.

Outsourcing Technical Support
Outsourcing Technical Support

Open Communication

For your outsourced agents to solvelve customer inquiries efficiently and achieve subsequent customer satisfaction, it is crucial that they are open and responsive to your in-house team. After all, in order to put an aligned foot forward, it is crucial for all parts of the team – in-house and outsourced to be on the same page.

Experience and Expertise

If you want your tech support team offer seamless services all throughout, it is imperative that they have both – experience and expertise, in their field. The more adept they are, the better will be their ability to handle customer requests and grow customer loyalty!

Technology and Infrastructure

This goes without saying, that the technological capabilities of your chosen tech support outsourcing service provider must be high-end and all-encomapssing. After all, the quality of service they provide will extensively depend on their infrastructure

The decision to outsource tech support can sometimes be a hard concept for IT departments or business owners to grab. It comes with trusting the chosen IT partner on a great level and being willing to let go of some control. But, with that transition comes a lot of positive gains. At Point North Networks, over our many years of providing IT support to great companies all over Minnesota, here is what we have observed tends to happen to those who we have helped make this transition.

Your team becomes smarter

Of course, your team was already made up of smart people, or else they wouldn’t be on your team! But, when employees have the right IT partner, they become a lot smarter about topics like cybersecurity and how their technology works. At Point North Networks, we take the extra step to make sure your team is empowered through self-improvement, personal protection, and engaging training that is relatable, not demeaning. This results in a lot of positive gains, such as fewer questions and confusion and an average of a 64% improvement in phishing click rates.

You save money

Of course, cost savings is one of the most well-known benefits of outsourcing your tech support. The right IT partner will also be on the lookout for opportunities to streamline your current contracts and costs and provide you with customized solutions.

Fewer headaches for all

Anyone who works in an office knows how overwhelming it can be to experience technical issues and not be able to find a solution. Your employees can spend time Googling tech solutions all they want, but that’s not their job. They deserve a trusted IT support team to guide them through those frustrations that come with failed technology or potential cybersecurity threats.

Your Business Enjoys Easy Access to New Technologies

The world of Information Technology is ever-evoloving. It may not always be feasib;e for your business to adapt these new technologies simply because of the cost barrier. Thankfully technical support companies worldwide are always doing their best to stay updated with the latest in technological capabilities as well as system software. This ensures that your business reaps all the benefits without spending heftily on such upgrades.

Your Risks are Considerably Reduced

In today’s time of ever-increasing threats of data breaches, having a reliable tech support team that ensures the safety of your business, while also taking care of compliance with local governments as well as international standards, helps your business avert any unwanted risks.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Outsourcing Technical Support


Why do Businesses Choose Technical Support Outsourcing?

Technical support outsourcing proves to be a statrgic solution for seamless customer service. Right from ensuring cost savings to improving the quality of customer interactions, from troubleshooting issues through expert support to resolving complex technical issues to streamlining business operations, a tech support team can do it all with ease. In addition to improving the bottom line of a business, it also enables the business owner to concentrate on their core business, further contributing to the success of any modern business.

Is is a good idea to outsource technical support for a small business?

Outsourced technical support services, is viable and often much more beneficial than having a full-time in-house IT professional, even for small businesses. Since the professional can only tackle one issue at a time and may or may not be equipped to deal with all facets of your organization, their overall contribution to the business success won’t be much. On the other hand, a team of trained tech support agents with varied specialties on board, makes it much more adept at tackling any issues that your organization may face. Owing to the larger team, the outsourced tech support provider can also take on multiple issues simultaneously, thereby contributing to the overall productivity of your organization.

What are some of the pitfalls of outsourcing technical support services?

While the services of outsourced tech support companies almost always enable improved customer satisfaction, there may be certain pitfalls to this practice that you must be aware of. Inconsistent phone support or service delivery, increasing security concerns, lack of communication, and lower than expected levels of experience and expertise are certain aspects that need the due diligence of a business owner when working in tandem with technical support companies.

Will I loose control if I outsource tech support services?

You will, most certainly, not lose quality control, when you hire a third party service provider. In fact, the quality of your customer support, and your overall customer satisfaction will enhance. Of course, this can only happen when you carefully select your technical support team and ensure that there are proper quality control processes in place.

How will the outsourced team be trained for my business needs?

While tech support companies have a wide talent pool that is capable of meeting almost all account management needs of your business, if you still believe they are lacking, you can communicate your standards and requirements to the company. Alternatively, you can also arrange for the training and development of the third party service provider.