3 Tips to Keep Your Data Safe


Data Privacy Week happens this month and it’s the perfect time to assess your company’s overall network security. There are many ways to do this and Point North Networks can cover almost all of them. Here are 3 of the best ways you can start ensuring your data is as protected as it can be.

Get an IT & Cybersecurity assessment

A free IT & cybersecurity assessment from Point North Networks is a great place to start. During your full audit, we will provide you with detailed information on servers, workstations, and networking devices. We will also identify risks from misconfigurations, network vulnerabilities, and user threats. It also includes an internal and external vulnerability scan, a ransomware protection review, and a comprehensive SWOT analysis and roadmap. How much more thorough could that be?

Train your employees

Knowledge is power when it comes to cybersecurity threats. Another way to keep your data safe is to empower your employees to know how to do that. Point North Networks provides employee cybersecurity training that is engaging and relatable, not demeaning. We first assess your organization’s risk using the Employee Vulnerability Assessment and then we help you fight cybercriminals from the inside out with this training.

Get your network on a secure private cloud

Point North Networks provides PCI, NIST, & HIPAA compliant IT solutions to keep your business running safely without missing a beat. Secure cloud hosting infrastructure provides higher security and privacy. It ensures your data is always monitored and accessible and our service provides full-data backup, too.

Contact Point North Networks today to get set up with a free IT & Cybersecurity Assessment during Data Privacy Week.