Secure Private Cloud Hosting Services

We provide PCI, NIST, & HIPAA compliant IT solutions to keep your business running safely without missing a beat.

Secure Cloud Hosting Infrastructure

Secure Cloud Hosting Infrastructure

Higher Security & Privacy

Higher Security & Privacy

Flexibility & Convenience

Flexibility & Convenience

Concerned that your data is not secure?

Data and network security.

Concern about the security of your data is a common issue among business owners. Data security is crucial to your operations and success and should never be left up to chance.

Multiple business applications.

Your business uses many devices, networks, and software tools to get the job done.. Taking steps to keep them all safe is imperative.


There are limitations that come with having a large IT infrastructure. Your files need to be accessible regardless of where you are and still be safe.

We provide safe and secure private cloud hosting services.

Secure networks and data.

Private cloud hosting allows businesses to store and access their data over the internet instead of on their device’s hard drive. This provides a higher level of security and you can be assured that your data is always monitored and accessible. Our service provides full-data backup, giving you the peace of mind you need to manage your business.

Protected IT infrastructure.

Your laptops, desktops, applications, and other networks are hosted on our private cloud hosting servers. Our cloud hosting infrastructure is located in Minneapolis, MN, with geographic failover at our Dallas, TX data center location. Our redundant servers ensure that hardware failures do not result in service-impacting events.

Remote accessibility.

Enjoy anytime, anywhere access and from any device with Private Cloud Hosting Services from Point North Networks, Inc. Your entire workspace will be hosted on the cloud while giving you remote access to your systems and data.

We provide the IT expertise your business deserves.

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Private Cloud Hosting Services Provider

Minnesota’s Expert Managed Private Cloud Hosting Services Provider

Point North Networks, Inc. provides managed private cloud hosting services in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our infrastructure is designed to host your data and systems, keep them safe from breaches, and decrease the likelihood of system downtime. We can deploy many versions of Windows and Linux server distributions, as well as hosted VoIP service and Hosted Apps.

Our cloud hosting services can be used for many applications, including hosted desktops, application hosting, web, and email hosting. We offer a variety of hosted servers, including Windows Server 2016 & 2012. Point North Networks, Inc. also offers competitive licencing costs for Terminal Services, Exchange, SQL, and other Microsoft server products.

Our 3-tier data center is fully redundant and allows for updates and patching, continuous monitoring and security services, and provides access to a local help desk to resolve any issues.

Let Point North Networks, Inc. provide the private cloud hosting services you need to keep your data and systems safe and protected.

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Common questions about private cloud hosting services

What is Private Cloud?

Private Cloud is a cloud-based infrastructure that is dedicated to a single company. This private cloud could be hosted at a company’s own data center, a third-party facility, or through a private cloud provider that hosts private cloud hosting services.

Is Private Cloud safe?

A private cloud is considered to be a lot safer as the traffic to a private cloud is limited to a single organization, reducing the chances of cyber threats. Also, since the private cloud only deals with single-company traffic and limited physical infrastructure, it can be better handled.

What are the benefits of Private Cloud?

Unlike public cloud facilities, a private cloud provides a wide range of benefits. These include enhanced security, better performance, long-term savings, controlled costs, and regulatory governance.

Why hire Point North’s Private Cloud Hosting Services?

IT infrastructure and its safeguarding is a huge issue that Point North handles with impeccable perfection. Our 3-tier data center keeps all systems updated so that there is no lapse in security. Our cloud hosting services can be used for many applications, including hosted desktops, application hosting, web, and email hosting. We offer a variety of hosted servers, including Windows Server 2016 & 2012. That apart, we also offer competitive licensing costs.

How much do Private Cloud Hosting services cost?

The overall cost of private cloud hosting will depend on the package and services you take. However, if you partner with Point North, you can rest assured that you will not have to pay anything extra. We keep our financial interactions transparent and there are no hidden costs.

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