Why you Should Perform Regular IT & Cybersecurity Assessments


As technology advances, so will the cyber threats that can affect your business. With the rise of remote working and more businesses moving their operations online, your business faces increased risks of being targeted by cybercriminals trying to hack and destroy small and mid-sized businesses without dedicated IT security teams. Here are 3 reasons why it might be time to perform an IT & cybersecurity assessment if you haven’t in over a year.

One weak link is all it takes

One ill-advised employee can damage your company’s reputation. Your spam filter isn’t enough. 48% of hackers and incident respondents spend 1-5 hours per week keeping up with security news, trends, and technologies. Your employees need to be informed.

Point North Networks is Minnesota’s team of cyber security experts. We have a trusted and proven system for training your team to protect itself from cyber security threats.

Your business needs to meet compliance requirements

Many businesses are operating without knowing that parts of their IT plan may not be compliant with their industry.

Our Private Cloud Hosting services from our Minneapolis & Eagan facilities support a wide array of organizations, from healthcare, financial services companies, merchants, and SaaS providers, helping them all to ensure their infrastructure, websites, and applications meet the compliance requirements of FedRAMP, FISMA, SSAE18, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS.

No one wants to lose information

Are you backing things up and storing your information in a safe manner? Have a data recovery plan in place before a disaster happens, like vital information being lost.

Our data disaster recovery solutions cover all device makes and models as well as all operating systems and software. We have extensive experience in recovering data of all sizes and in various industries. We also provide a secure backup of your recovered files through our computer solutions and data recovery.

Point North Networks is running free IT & Cybersecurity Assessments. We will provide detailed information on servers, workstations, and networking devices to identify risks. Take advantage of this by simply scheduling some time to discuss it.

Contact Point North Networks today for your IT Assessment.