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Taking The Pain Out of Security Compliance Management

Most businesses are subject to security or privacy rules. Maintaining compliance can be tedious, confusing, and frustrating. Point North has the experience and background to help manage the compliance process. From NIST CSF, PCI, CMMC, HIPPA, Cyber-Insurance, and other standards, we can provide assessments and ongoing compliance management regardless of industry. We can provide the following:

  • Compliance-Specific Documents. Most regulations include a list of specific documents – and documentation – that the client must produce and maintain.
  • Regular Comprehensive Compliance Assessments. Using a combination of network, data-gathering, policies & procedures, Point North will discover and report on every issue of non-compliance, along with a remediation plan to address what it discovers.
  • Ongoing Compliance Services. Point North will regularly assess any new issues of non-compliance and take corrective action. Remediation will be recorded as evidence of compliance.
  • Assistance With Audits. In the event of an audit, there’s no need for a mad scramble to gather up the volumes of documents that an auditor will ask for. Point North will collect and archive all the evidence of compliance in one place, making it a snap to respond.

Compliance Help for Industries & Specific Standards

The process of assessing and maintaining compliances with standards is the same across many industries, however the specific rules that must be followed vary. Point North has expertise in many different standards, including NIST CSF, PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, and Cyber-Insurance help.

  • NIST CSF (Cyber Security Framework) – A great framework for applying the principles and best practices of risk management to improving the security and resilience of your IT infrastructure and business processes. Point North will guide you through the entire process, identifying gaps and non-compliance with cybersecurity policies.
  • Cyber Insurance Policy Assistance – With knowledge of questions used by some of the largest cyber insurance companies, we’ll help you navigate compliance with your policy terms. We can quickly spot and remediate red flags that may prevent you from getting paid in the event of a claim, and help you address the issues. We will make sure you have proof of the Due Care necessary to file a successful claim.
  • CMMC Compliance – Point North can guide you through the CMMC certification-preparation process. Once certified, we will help you maintain your ongoing compliance for CMMC. CMMC stands for “Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification” and is the new standard that all 300,000 Department of Defense prime and sub-contractors must achieve to bid on any new or renewing government contracts. There are 5 levels of certification under this standard, with most contracts to require Levels 1-3. Point North can specifically help you address Levels 1-3 assessments as well as the DoD NIST 800-171 Self-Assessment. We will provide you with detailed compliance reporting that document the CMMC controls that have been implemented in preparation of certification by a Certified Third-Party Assessment Organization (C3PAO).


  • HIPAA Compliance – This standard is for any HIPAA “Covered Entity” (any organization in the healthcare industry) as well as any “Business Associate” (any company that works with a Covered Entity that may have physical or electronic access to patient information. We help with everything you need to produce evidence of compliance in the event of an audit.
  • GDPR Manager – This standard is associated with assessing and maintaining compliance with the strict EU General Data Protection Rule (GDPR). We can help address each of the regulation rules, and remediate areas of non-compliance.
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