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Our private cloud hosting services are chosen by organizations that prioritize data security, compliance requirements, performance optimization, customization, and control over their IT infrastructure. Our services are commonly used by industries such as finance, healthcare, government, and other sectors that handle sensitive data and have specific regulatory requirements.

Does your organization need to meet industry compliance requirements? Here’s how we can help.

Data protection and privacy regulations.

Many industries have specific data protection and privacy regulations that require organizations to safeguard sensitive information. PNN private cloud hosting allows organizations to maintain control over their data and implement stringent security measures to meet compliance requirements. Examples of such regulations include the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in the healthcare industry, Cyber Security Maturity Model (CMMC) for the DoD Supply Chain, and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) for handling credit card data.

Industry-specific regulations.

Certain industries have specific compliance requirements that PNN private cloud hosting can help address. For instance, financial institutions must adhere to regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) or the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) guidelines. The PNN private cloud hosting environment help enable organizations to implement controls, access restrictions, and auditing mechanisms to meet these industry-specific regulations.

Geographic data sovereignty.

PNN private cloud hosting allows organizations to store and process data within specific geographic locations to comply with data sovereignty regulations. Some countries or regions have regulations that require data to be stored and processed within their boundaries. PNN private cloud hosting offers the flexibility to establish data presence in specific, known locations (MN and CO) to meet these requirements.

Auditing and compliance reporting.

PNN private cloud environment provides organizations with the ability to implement auditing and monitoring mechanisms to track access, changes, and activities related to their IT infrastructure. These logs and reports can be used for compliance reporting purposes to demonstrate adherence to regulatory requirements and to respond to audit requests.

Access controls and authentication.

Compliance needs often mandate strict access controls and authentication mechanisms to protect sensitive data. The PNN private cloud hosting environment can enable organizations to implement granular access controls, multi-factor authentication, and encryption measures to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to data and resources.

Data retention and archiving.

Some compliance regulations specify requirements for data retention and archiving. PNN private cloud hosting services include data management services which allows organizations to implement data retention policies and archival processes to ensure compliance with these regulations. This includes features such as data backup schedules, long-term data storage, and secure data disposal methods.

Expertly Managed Private Cloud Hosting Services Since 2005

Point North Networks provides managed private cloud hosting services from our Eagan, MN and Aurora, CO data center facilities. Our infrastructure is designed to host your data and systems, keep them safe from breaches, and decrease the likelihood of system downtime. We can deploy many versions of Windows and Linux OS systems, as well as Hosted Apps perfect for deploying cloud-based applications.

Our private cloud hosting services can be used for many applications, including off-prem server migrations, hosted desktops, application hosting, and data backup services. We offer a variety of hosted servers, including Windows Server Systems. We also offer competitive licensing costs for Terminal Services, SQL Server, and other Microsoft server products.

Let Point North Networks provide the private cloud hosting services you need to keep your data and systems safe and protected.

Here’s some of the use cases of our Private Cloud Hosting:

Data Security & Compliance

Our Private Cloud Hosting is perfect for organizations that handle sensitive data and have strict security and compliance requirements. Industries such as finance, healthcare, government, and legal sectors can benefit from our private cloud to maintain direct control over data, ensure regulatory compliance, and mitigate risks associated with data breaches.

Customized Environments

PNN private cloud hosting allows your organization to tailor the cloud infrastructure and environment to your specific needs. Our team can help with optimizing hardware configurations, network setups, and software stacks to meet your unique application requirements, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Mission-Critical Applications

PNN private cloud is well-suited for hosting your mission-critical applications that require high availability, performance, and reliability. Applications such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), financial systems, and core business applications are perfect for our private cloud hosting to ensure dedicated resources and minimize the risk of performance issues.

System Modernization

By migrating legacy applications and servers from on-prem to the PNN private cloud, your organization can benefit from increased scalability, flexibility, and improved resource utilization while maintaining the familiarity and control of your existing systems without the worry of managing on-prem hardware and applications.

Frequently Asked Questions About Private Cloud Hosting Services

Private Cloud is a cloud-based infrastructure that is dedicated to a single company. This private cloud could be hosted at a company’s own data center, a third-party facility, or through a private cloud provider that hosts private cloud hosting services.

Unlike public cloud facilities, a private cloud provides a wide range of benefits. These include enhanced security, better performance, long-term savings, controlled costs, and regulatory governance.

The overall cost of private cloud hosting will depend on the package and services you take. However, if you partner with Point North, you can rest assured that you will not have to pay anything extra. We keep our financial interactions transparent and there are no hidden costs.

A private cloud is considered to be a lot safer as the traffic to a private cloud is limited to a single organization, reducing the chances of cyber threats. Also, since the private cloud only deals with single-company traffic and limited physical infrastructure, it can be better handled.

IT infrastructure and its safeguarding is a huge issue that Point North handles with impeccable perfection. Our 3-tier data center keeps all systems updated so that there is no lapse in security. Our cloud hosting services can be used for many applications, including hosted desktops, application hosting, web, and email hosting. We offer a variety of hosted servers, including Windows Server 2016 & 2012. That apart, we also offer competitive licensing costs.

PNN private cloud hosting services follows a single-tenant model, meaning that your organization has exclusive use of the cloud resources. This isolation enhances security, performance, and reliability by avoiding resource contention with other organizations.

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