Businesses Have Access to These 3 Powerful Communications Tools


What kinds of communication tools does your business utilize on a daily basis? Chances are that your communication infrastructure can benefit from some of the latest and greatest solutions on the market. Communication is one aspect of your business that you definitely do not want to skimp on, as failing to implement the proper tools can bleed into other aspects of your organization, including operations and, in return, your bottom line. Here are three technology solutions that all small businesses should implement [...]

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How to Prepare Your Team to Fight Phishing


Phishing Lessons to Pass On While last year saw a significant decrease in its number of data breaches, the number of records that were leaked doubled… and then some. Part of this can likely be attributed to a spike in the use of ransomware, indicating a resurgence in interest of the mean-spirited malware. This means that your business may very well see more ransomware infection attempts coming its way—the only question is, are your team members prepared for them? To keep your [...]

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Microsoft OneDrive for Business


Secure File Storage in the Cloud Cloud-based file storage is nothing new, but it has become an important part of cloud service delivery. The world’s most trusted name in consumer and business software, Microsoft, offers a file storage platform, OneDrive for Business, that gives each individual employee using Microsoft Office 365 individual storage for their files.   Point North Networks, Inc.  is known for proactive IT management, but what you may not realize is that we are also a one-stop shop for [...]

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Significant IT Challenges for 2021


2020 was… well, 2020… so it really isn’t any surprise that those businesses that made it to 2021 aren’t quite out of the woods yet. The many difficulties and challenges that 2020 brought will carry over into this year, many of them pertaining to information technology and how businesses utilize it. Let’s take a few moments to anticipate how these IT challenges will manifest this year. Where Work Can Be Done In the recent past, remote work was almost seen as a [...]

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Reconsidering IT Principles Can Help Push Business Forward


It isn’t often that you’ll hear a managed service provider say something like, “There’s no school like the old school.” In many ways, however, the basic principles of a solid business IT strategy haven’t changed all that much… despite the momentous changes that we’ve witnessed in terms of the technology we use. Let’s consider some of these principles, and how they’ve changed over time (if at all). Securing Your Hardware Solutions Restricting access to your business’ essential hardware solutions is certainly not [...]

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